Time is the most precious thing we have, but memories are fleeting. Photographs let us hang on to the details that might otherwise be eventually forgotten.

That's why I firmly believe that my job is one of the most important there is - I have the responsibility (and privilege) of capturing some of the most important moments of your life! I want you to flip through your photo album in 50 years and remember exactly how you felt the moment the photos were taken.

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What our clients are saying

What our clients are saying

Courtney + Rick

If you have been wishing the universe would give you a sign as to what photographer you should choose for your wedding/event/family pictures, then congratulations because you just got that sign. Out of a 5-star rating, Tamara deserves a 10. There are literally not enough words to describe how amazing Tamara and her partner are and how happy we are that we chose them. They have this ability to make you feel totally comfortable and at ease throughout this whole process.

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