Hi! I'm Tamara

A little about me: I love my husband a lot, we were married in November of 2017. James is also my second shooter and he's a pretty great photographer too.

I believe kindness is the most important thing there is and I try to act with kindness always. I dance a little like Carlton from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. My hair color changes fairly often. Corny jokes are my kryptonite.

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Simply put — we love, love


| The Office. & Bob's Burgers (I know this is a cliche, but it's also true)

| Wearing a lot of black 

| Netflix & Chill w/ my husband as often as possible

| Animals (we have 2 dogs & 3 cats that I love to the moon)

| Gardening and growing our own food

| Camping trips. Rilo Kiley being blasted in the car. Concerts. Punk rock. Cold weather. Fantasy & SciFi Books. 


| Hot weather. I know, I don't know why I live in TX either 

| Peas. It's a texture thing

| Not having a plan, I'm big on plans 

| Shopping in a store, online shopping always

| Black coffee. I'm a wuss. :/ 

| Mean people

My work philosophy:

"I feel there is nothing as truly artistic as to love people" - Vincent Van Gogh

I am what some may call an eternal optimist, which extends to my work. Beyond all else, I love people. I love our connections to each other, the way we communicate through touch, and how we romanticize our lives. I love the silly faces we make, the way we hold hands, the way families & friends speak their own private language. I love hearing my client's stories and trying to document those stories through my images.

All of this is important because, really, great photos have very little to do with the gear used to take them and everything to do with the people in them. The way they look at each other, no holds barred hugs, running around fields laughing like maniacs; these are things that make great photos.

Authentic. Sometimes messy. Intimate. Joyful. Real.

Hiring me means collaboration. I want to hear your ideas, I want to help with locations and clothing choices. We're a team from the moment you sign the contract.

Because these are more than just photos. They're memories of people you love during moments you'll never get back. And that is sacred to me.

Katherine + Kodie

Tamara was so amazing! She has a beautiful style that was exactly what we had pictured when we thought of unique wedding photos. Her personality was charming and sweet and her professionalism was exceptional. She saw my vision and made it a reality. Thank you so much!

Lily + Luke

Tamara also made me feel like I didn't just get a photographer, I got an extra person in the party/wedding planner. She literally had thought of everything and had tips and advice for everything, even things you wouldn't even think of. Tamara, the work you did for our wedding was just wonderful!!! We cannot thank you enough for all your time and effort into making our day special, one to remember for the rest of our lives. Thank you very much!!!

Dallas + Ethan

Tamara is AMAZING!!!! She is super flexible and will work hard to give you the photo experience you want. We used her for our engagement photos, our wedding photos, and we love her so much, I asked her to take headshots of me too. She does some truly beautiful editing. So many people have told me my wedding pictures are stunning. And they are right; the pictures are breath taking! You should definitely go with Tamara!!!